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Stromae : "Racine Carrée" ranks No. 1 in France

This week in France, Stromae‘s Racine Carrée is the most sold album with more sales to it's name than any
other artist. With 475,500 album sales after just ten weeks, the Belgian artist's second album has sold more copies than "Random Access Memories" Daft Punk & Génération Goldman Vol. 2

"Random Access Memories" the album of Daft Punk which was No. 1 all summer has dropped to second place. The French group reached nearly 200,000 sales in the first week with the album " Random Access and now totals 469,700 copies sold . The group now has nearly 6,000 sales behind Stromae , and the gap is expected to widen rapidly in the coming weeks .

More than 80,000 copies of "Racine carrée" were sold only in its first week. Apart from " Goldman Generation Vol. 2 " which rose to No. 1 a week later , no one has been able to dethrone it since.

"Papaoutai" et "Formidable" have topped the french charts all spring with185.000 sales for "Papaoutai" and more than 140.000 pour "Formidable"

His phenomenal success has boosted sales of his single " Alors on danse " but the album "Cheese " , which drags in the top 50 for several weeks. It has recently passed the 100,000 sales and now counts more than 112,300 sales counter.

Paul Van Haver, who writes and composes, was born in Brussels to a Rwandan father and a Belgian mother  in 1985. He first became famous with the song "Alors on danse" which remained at number one for several weeks in numerous countries throughout Europe. According to Francophonie Diffusion, "Alors on danse" was the most-played Francophone single worldwide of 2010

Il y a trois ans, il avait dominé les charts avec le tube "Alors on danse", mais son premier album "Cheese" avait péniblement séduit 80.000 acheteurs.
 En août, il a dévoilé son deuxième opus "Racine carrée", qui s'est arraché à plus de 80.000 exemplaires en première semaine

Stromae - Formidable
Stromae - Papaoutai

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