lundi 12 août 2013


Have you discovered already the new single by the Belgian singer & producer "Stromae", "Formidable" ? Wow, i love this song, i love his lyrics and i love his style.

The video "Formidable" is one of the most innovative music videos ever. On May 22nd 2013, amateur videos were published on YouTube showing the artist seemingly drunk, stumbling around a tram station in Brussels. C'était ridicule ! Even several  newspapers made an article about it. Read it here
The footages went viral before it was announced that the singer had, in actuality, been shooting a music video.
The remarkable video clip, filmed entirely with hidden cameras, shows the singer in a drunken state on the rainy streets of Brussels. On the chorus, he made a tricky play of words with "Formidable" and "Fort minable" which means : "Wonderful" and "So pathetic". The dance artist, who has been dumped the day before by his girlfriend, sings to passers-by and is stopped by the police, who recognise him and asked if he is ok, and if they could bring him home.

Stromae seems amused at his stunt about being drunk and attributes it to a lack of imagination on the part of the listening public. "No one's accustomed to someone actually interpreting a song any more" he told Le Parisien.

The hip hop electronic music star, whose real name is Paul van Haver, experienced huge international success with his deubt album “Cheese” released in 2010 and its hit single “Alors on danse”. Under the pseudonym “Stromae” (a scrambled version of the word "maestro).

Watch it here (it is subtitled in English) :
A francophone artist who is capable of making the anglophones listen to French music surely has to be formidable !!!

Tell me what you think of his video...



* formidable - formidable /wonderful
* fort minable - so pathetic / big loser
* c’était ridicule - it was ridiculous
* alors on danse - so we dance
* francophone - French-speaking / French speaker
* anglophone - English-speaking / English speaker
* Le parisien - Parisian / someone from Paris / name of a french newspaper

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