dimanche 31 août 2014

French Christian Songs 1

Here is a selection of my favourite French christian songs. I learnt them in church here in cagnes-sur-mer. Some of them come with lyrics to help you sing along.

Meet Teddy Riner : French judo champion

Despite his recent shoulder injury and surgery, 25-year-old French judoka heavyweight, Teddy Riner, claimed his sixth consecutive world championship. He beat Japanese star, Ryu Shichinohe, in the over 100kg

vendredi 29 août 2014

Beautiful songs in French and English lyrics

Here are a few franglais songs I put together to share with you guys. They are songs in French and English lyrics in them.

Calogero - Un Jour Au Mauvais Endroit (In memory of Kevin and Sofiane)

Here is a beautiful sad song that send shivers down my spine. "Un Jour Au Mauvais Endroit" is a song by Calogero in memory of Kevin Noubissi and Sofiane Tadburt. Très bel hommage !

mercredi 27 août 2014

Francois Hollande's New Cabinet

French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, presented the resignation of his 5-month-old governement to the president on Monday.

mardi 26 août 2014

Renaud vs Coeur De Pirate : Mistral Gagnant

Mistral Gagnant is a song by French Singer, Renaud. It was amongst the 11 songs on his 7th album which was released in 1985 and share same name.

The singer wrote the song for his young daughter Lolita Séchan and never intended it for public hearing. In this beautiful song, he sang about his childhood and about how time fades away, just as the laughters of his daughter when she was a child.

You in French & Yoruba

The French and Yoruba language share in common the power hieracrchy, a formal and informal way of speaking to others. French uses tu or vous and Yoruba uses iwo/ire or eyin as a form of you.

The English language does not differentiate between singular, plural, formal,or informal and “you” is used with everyone without considering the social staus of the person with whom they are speaking to.

vendredi 22 août 2014

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

Here's one of those songs I enjoy when it comes up on radio when I am at work. It's the kinda song that soothes my soul. Makes me forget that I am in France and far from home.

It's been two years and France is still not like home to me... sometimes I feel like I am on holidays and would soon be returning to Nigeria, to Lagos, to Lekki Phase 1 where I can open my door, lock myself

dimanche 17 août 2014

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice

Here is a picture of the view of the Baie des Anges taken on the 16th of August at the Promenade des