dimanche 17 août 2014

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice

Here is a picture of the view of the Baie des Anges taken on the 16th of August at the Promenade des
Anglais in Nice. Even under the rain, it remains beautiful...

Here is what it looks like when it isn't raining :
The Promenade des Anglais is a long seaside walkway that stretches over 5 kilometres along the 
Mediterranean at Nice, France.

Pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists, babystrollers, inline-skaters, skaters and skateboarders can be seen on the the Promenade. 
Source : Momes d'Azur 
Here is a view of la Baie des Anges :
Source : Wikipedia

The beach with pebbles unlike the sand beaches we have in Lagos. Pebbles are not so comfortable to lie on, but it has is that when it gets windy, sand isn't blown to the face, to the towel or you food if you decided to picnic at the beach.

I remember as a kid, after an outing to the beach, i return home with sand in my hair, shoes, and swimming costume underpants :)
Source : The Promenade des Anglais blog  
Source : Wikipedia 
Here is what it looks like at night with all the lights :
Source : Wikipedia 
The last picture was taken sunday evening while the sun was going to bed :) Magnifique !!!
And here's what it looks like at dawn :
© Pierre Volot
Here's what Prome looked like in 1882. Yes, I mean 1882, some years 132 years ago.
Source : Wikimedia
Here are pictures of me taken years after the last one :) I took them two years back after a leisurely walk on the Promenade des Anglais with the beach front behind me.

I love Nice !!!

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