vendredi 22 août 2014

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

Here's one of those songs I enjoy when it comes up on radio when I am at work. It's the kinda song that soothes my soul. Makes me forget that I am in France and far from home.

It's been two years and France is still not like home to me... sometimes I feel like I am on holidays and would soon be returning to Nigeria, to Lagos, to Lekki Phase 1 where I can open my door, lock myself
in, take off my clothes and jump on my bed. I remember the feel of my king size duvet, so big it fall to the floor on my single bed. And I buried under it...

Sometime i leave the curtains drawn so it can give the night look, while the ac cools aways and I watch silly films on African Magic, when I am not watching Trace or TV5.

Sometimes i fall asleep other times, i day dream of what i want the future to be like and only electricty cut by Nepa can bring me to reality as my room starts getting hot and everyone starts putting on the generator sets and it's noisy everywhere.

I call the security man to start my gen while I push myself off the bed to go change over to generator supply...

How many times did I do these things over and over again? Uncountable times, now they have becomes memeories, not one that I regret but ones that I am fond off today and sometimes which I could go back to these period... for marriage has stolen from me this serene periods when all I wanted was just to be alone !

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