mardi 27 janvier 2015

Do the French go for youth service ?

While Nigerian youths undergo mandatory civil service, French youths used to go for compulsory military service.

In Nigeria, graduates of universities and polytechnics go for a compulsory national youth service, a scheme set up in 1973 by the Nigerian government to involve the country's graduates in the development of the country.

lundi 19 janvier 2015

French names and meanings for your baby

The French have beautiful names that are easy to pronounce. Would you like to give your baby a French name someday ? Or are you about to have a baby and you are looking for a lovely name that will stand out? You can give your baby a French name as first or middle name to replace the English name.

Here are a few French names that you can give to your little mademoiselle or monsieur. I also did a little research for their meanings. When you choose a name for youy baby always do a research to be sure of its meaning and origin. A name might have different meanings in different languages.

No, the French are not rude but frenchy !

©Ooh la mom
When I was a child, my father's friend who came visiting told us how rude the French are. He said he asked a French man what time it was and he stopped, looked at his watch, and replied "You know, I bought this watch for myself. If you need to know what time it is, then buy yourself your own watch", then he walked away.

jeudi 15 janvier 2015

Lassana Bathily : The hero who saved lives during terrorist attack at the kosher supermarket in Paris

After the double hostage attack that hit France last week, stories of silent heros have been uncovered.

Most times, the stories told about immigrants are not always good ones, but today, I am happy to be telling the story of an immmigrant from Mali, a brave African man, a Muslim hero whose name is Lassana Bathily.

mercredi 14 janvier 2015

French "no-go" zones in Paris

Fox News screen grab
Nolan Peterson, a journalist who specialises in conflict zones, in an interview with Fox News yesterday talked about "no-go" zones in Paris for non-muslims and tourists.

mardi 13 janvier 2015

Charlie vivra : Donations for Charlie Hebdo

The staff of Charlie Hebdo vowed to keep the magazine alive by continue with the satirical weekly. After the terrorist attack that took place at their headquarter offices last wednesday, leaving 12 people dead, the magazine nnounced that it would publish its next issue because giving up means those that lost their lives, died for nothing.

Say no to french-bashing

Below is a video by TF1, a french tv channel, to debunk French stereotypes !

The 45 minute film which was released on the 10th April analysed the common clichés such as the French are snubs and are not friendly, French waiters are rude. The French are don't like to work, they are always on strike, they don't like to get married or have children, they are cowards who prefer to wave the white flag etc.

lundi 12 janvier 2015

Are you Charlie ?

After all the mourning, the protests, the republican march, what next ? Is someone going to address the issue of freedom of liberty ? To what limit can one excercise his liberty ?

The Prophet Mohammed on the cover of Charlie Hebdo's next issue

The front cover of the next issue of Charlie Hebdo just appeared online. The caricature of the prophet Mohammed appears once again on the cover of the weekly magazine. He is carrying a signboard with "Je suis Charlie" written on it followed by the message "Tout est pardonné" in English "All is forgiven". He also has a tear rolling down his cheek.

After the historic republican march, what next ?

Photo credit :
If religious discrimiation is forbidden, why should we mock religions, those who practice it and their "sacred" religious leaders. Is it allowed only when it's beautifully decorated with humour and prohibited only when it is created by words. Should freedom of expression have no limits? Can children insult adults under this freedom? Can a worker insult her boss under this freedom? Are people allowed to dicriminate ethnic or national origin; religion, belief or lack of religion/belief; sex; sexual orientation when its in humour form ? Until what limits can discrimination be pushed ?

dimanche 11 janvier 2015

Baga : The forgotten ones

Photo credit : Mad World News
The world has forgotten the victims of Baga. Victims of crazy fanatics, victims of a bad governement, victims of poverty, and victims of the world. The Nigerian president and his crew are still busy with February election campaigns, while the world have their attention on the terrorist attacks Paris suffered this week which left 17 people dead.

Charlie Hebdo vs Baga

Des manifestants défilent à Nantes le 10 janvier 2015. ( MAXPPP)
17 French people were killed in terrosist attacks in France this week and the world stood still. Today, hundreds of thousands of people including over 50 presidents from around the world attended a Republican march in Paris to honour the victims.

samedi 10 janvier 2015

#JeSuisCharlie - JB Bullet

Since the Charlie Hebdo shootings, the French and the whole world have honoured the victims in different ways. People have paid tribute through protests, republican march, Twitter hashtag "JesuisCharlie", Newspaper and magazine front covers, burning candles, flowers, "JesuisCharlie" T-shirts, signboards, drawings, pictures, poems, songs etc.

vendredi 9 janvier 2015

Am I Charlie ?

I am sad about the recent terrosit attack that ended the life of 12 people and injured 7. I think about their family and I shiver at their sorrow just as I shiver everytime I hear, read or see videos of murder taking place all over the world. 

Clarissa Jean-Philippe : photo of the policewoman who was shot dead Thursday morning in Paris

Clarissa Jean-Philippe
A policewoman and city official were shot at Montrouge in southern Paris on Thursday, a day after the attack at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which left 12 people dead and 11 injured.

jeudi 8 janvier 2015

French Media mourns Charlie Hebdo

The day after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, French media honoured the victims with their front cover page, while voicing their support for freedom of the press and of expression .

mercredi 7 janvier 2015

France in shock as gunmen storm 11th arrondissement in Paris

© Screen grab
Gunmen attacked French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo this wednesday morning leaving 12 people dead and 7 injured.

Soldes ! Soldes !! Soldes !!!

Photo credit : Radio Melodie
Winter sales start today in France. The whole of France await this period eagerly having put some money behind during Christmas shopping in order to profit from the great reductions in prices during the winter sales.

mardi 6 janvier 2015

C'est la fête des Rois !

"La fête des Rois" known as "Epiphany" in English, is celebrated in several countries in Europe since the Middle Ages. This day is celebrated on 6th of January to render honour to the Magi, the three Kings who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

lundi 5 janvier 2015

France's Favorite Personalities according to Le Journal du Dimanche

Jean-Jacques Goldman, Omar Sy and Jean Dujardin - ©François Lo Presti - Patrick Hertzog - AFP
French Newspaper JJD (Journal du Dimanche) just released the list of top 50 favorite personalities of the French people. Find the ranking below :

dimanche 4 janvier 2015

Kanye West - Only One ft. Paul McCartney

Kanye West and Paul McCartney Inez and Vinoodh
So I just listened to Kanye West's tribute to his late mother Dr. Donda West, who died in 2007.

samedi 3 janvier 2015

Top Breaking News of 2014 in France

A lot of stories mark 2014 in France, thanks to her President François Hollande whose infidelity affair marked the begining of incredible happenings in France.

Here are the top stories that broke the French media in the past twelve months :

vendredi 2 janvier 2015

How I spent the two Réveillons of 2014

Every year since we got married, my husband and I have a family friend over on the 24th December night (Réveillon de Noël) or 31st December night (Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre). The family we have over for Christmas Eve, invites us for the New Year's Eve or the family who invites us for Christmas Eve becomes our invites for New Year's Eve.

French Kings Cake

Galette des Rois ©
In the beginning of the New Year, French bakeries (boulangeries) and cake shops (pâtisseries) are filled with a special kind of cake called "galette des Rois" (Kings Cake).

It is a tradition in France to eat the cake on the 6th January, the day of the Epiphany (Fête des Rois) but they can be found in bakeries as early as December. Some French eat them as dessert during the traditional dinners called Réveillon de Noel (Christmas Eve's dinner) and Réveillon de Saint Sylvestre (New Year's Eve dinner).

French cartoons for kids

Photo credit : Chez Mamie Annie
I just compiled a few French cartoons for for children. If you are a parent and want your kids to learn French, letting them watch cartoons in French will go a long way in increasing their vocabularies.

jeudi 1 janvier 2015