mercredi 7 janvier 2015

Soldes ! Soldes !! Soldes !!!

Photo credit : Radio Melodie
Winter sales start today in France. The whole of France await this period eagerly having put some money behind during Christmas shopping in order to profit from the great reductions in prices during the winter sales.

Almost every shop in France will be having big posters with "Soldes" written boldy on it and posted on the windows and promising up to 75% in reduction.
Photo credit : Zoom Sur Lille
It's really annoying that these sales come after Christmas. I sometimes wish I could buy family and friends Christmas gifts only when sales starts. but think of it, why should I buy a coffee maker for my father-in-law before Christmas at 15o euros when two weeks later, it's winter sales and there's a 50% slash in price?
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I hate going for shopping the first day of sales It's crazy, too many people. Some people queue outside there favourite shops even before day break. When the doors open, they rush in and start fighting for stuffs with the highest bargain...
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In France, "les soldes" takes place twice a year : one in January and another in July. they both last 5 weeks.

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