mardi 13 janvier 2015

Say no to french-bashing

Below is a video by TF1, a french tv channel, to debunk French stereotypes !

The 45 minute film which was released on the 10th April analysed the common clichés such as the French are snubs and are not friendly, French waiters are rude. The French are don't like to work, they are always on strike, they don't like to get married or have children, they are cowards who prefer to wave the white flag etc.

This beautiful video is one of the ways the French have decided to put an end to french-bashing : happy people eating at a restaurant, a newborn baby at the maternity hospital, a biracial couple on the bed...
Watch the video here :
Les Français font la gueule.
Les Français sont feignants
Les Français ne croient plus en rien
Les Français sont racistes
Les Français sont des perdants...
Et si on voyait les choses autrement ?
Partageons des ondes positives

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