lundi 12 janvier 2015

Are you Charlie ?

After all the mourning, the protests, the republican march, what next ? Is someone going to address the issue of freedom of liberty ? To what limit can one excercise his liberty ?

When Europeans scrambled for a piece of the African cake in 1884 at the Berlin conference, they did not ask us o before cutting Africa up into countries, invading, occupying, colonising... all that without our opinions. They cut up the Yorubas into two, some in Nigeria, others in Benin Republic. Same thing happened to the Hausas, some found themselves in Nigeria, others in Niger, Chad and Cameroun.

They forced people of different cultures to live together. To have peace, we have learnt to master the art of respect for one another. We are not perfect, we are not there yet but hopefully we will get their some day.

And through our struggles to have peace and keep it, we have learnt that freedom of expression has a price. We are very careful with our words and often try as much as possible not to offend others so as not to start a civil war. We have been through one, and we know that a child who says his mother will not sleep will not sleep himself. Call us cowards, but we prefer to choose peace over war, we prefer to allow others to sleep so we too can sleep.

Let's ignore the western world's cry for liberty of expression that has no limits. We don't have to practice all they propose. Democracy worked for France, it hasn't worked for us yet.. maybe someday. Let's choose love over selfishness. An African would not say to his father that he is a fool because he has the freedom of speech.

Muslims are not terrorists. Boko Haram memebers are the terrorists. Let's love and respect one another. If we stand together in love we will conquer Boko Haram who are sponsored by evil politicians and western leaders who pay this terrorist group ransoms for the release of an hostage.

For every ransom payed, (several millions of euros for the life of an European), it's the life of thousands of Nigerians in the North that has been offered to the devil as a sacrifice.

When Giuseppe Terenzio, a French guy said he isn't Charlie, the French people attacked him. But I am glad that there is at least one French person who isn't afraid to say the truth and who realises that underneath Charlie Hebdo's humour is provocation, discrimination and hatred.

Watch the video below.
Charlie Hebdo killings = the clash of extremists = "provocation" extremists + muslim extremists. 

"I am Charlie" not because I support provocations but because I am against self justice and barbaric acts.

And you ? Are you Charlie ??

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