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French names and meanings for your baby

The French have beautiful names that are easy to pronounce. Would you like to give your baby a French name someday ? Or are you about to have a baby and you are looking for a lovely name that will stand out? You can give your baby a French name as first or middle name to replace the English name.

Here are a few French names that you can give to your little mademoiselle or monsieur. I also did a little research for their meanings. When you choose a name for youy baby always do a research to be sure of its meaning and origin. A name might have different meanings in different languages.

Example :
Lina is a female baby name which means :
  • Light in Greek 
  • Delicate in Arabic 
  • Pure - in Dutch 
For girls :

Ariane/Arianne - holy; utterly pure
Chloé - green shoot
Inès - chaste; holy
Léa - weary
Jade - precious stone used for carving
Manon - obstinacy, rebelliousness
Louise - famous warrior
Zoé - life
Andrea - French feminine form of Andrew which means brave
Lilou - short for Louise which means famous
Léna - short form of Héléna which means torch; moon
Hélène - light of the sun
Ambre - jewel
Lola - sorrows
Amiée -  beloved
Aurore - goddess of the dawn
Camille - free born
Genevieve - of the race of women
Maëlys - princess feminine of Maël which means chief/prince
Éva - life/alive (the living one in Hebrew)
Louna - moon
Clara - clear, bright, famous
Adélaïde - noble and kind
Romane - roman
Maeva - welcome in Tahitian
Adrienne - dark
Charlotte - feminine
Christiane/Christine - christ
Mélanie - dark
Anaïs - favor; grace
Claire  - clear, bright
Clemence - gentle and merciful
Danielle - God is my judge
Irène - peace
Élodie  - foreign wealth
Laure - laurel
Éloise - very healthy and sound
Estelle - star
Yvette - yew treeGenevieve - race of women
Pascal - passover; Easter
Nicole - victor of the people
Nadine - hope/hopeful
Mélissa - honey-sap
Michèle / Michelle- who is like God?
Mirabelle- wonderful
Mireille - to admire
Margot/Marguerite - pearl
Ange - angel
Ann-Marie - graceful
Annabel/Annabelle - grace and beauty
Catherine - pure, clear
Celine - moon
Claire - clear, bright
Clara - bright
Claudia/Claudine -  lame
Clemence - clemency, forgiveness
Coralie - little maiden
Corinne - maiden
Désirée - desired
Eloise- famous in war
Emilie - ambitious
Etienne - crowned one
Estelle - star
Fabienne - bean grower
Fleur - flower
France - from france
Françoise -free one /from france
Isabelle - consecrated to God
Marie/Marianne/Maria - bitter sea
Maud/Maude - Strength
Melodie - melody
Nathalie - born at christmas
Nicole - victory of the people
Solange - sun angel/earth angel
Stephanie - crown
Tiffanie - manifestation of divinity
Valentine - health or love
Yvonne- from eve
Valérie - to be strong
Vivienne- lively

Lola is a name which is popular in France today. It means sorrows in Spanish. I don't know why anyone would want to name their baby "sorrows". Lola is short form of "Dolores", a spanish baby name from gotten from "Maria de los Dolores" (the Virgin Mary, or Mary of the Sorrows).

If I name my baby Lola, I would tell her it comes from "Omolola" or "Ololade" which is a Yoruba name that means child is wealth or a child of wealth has arrived.

Note also that :
Lola in Polish is short for "Karolina", "Laura", "Leonia" or "Eleonora".

Lola is also the word for "grandmother" in the Filipino language Tagalog, also in the Filipino language Visayan/Bisaya.

For boys :

Alain - handsome
Antoine - praiseworthy
Camille - free born
Nathan - gift of God
Lucas - light
Léo - Lion
Enzo - ruler
Louis - famous warrior
Gabriel - God is my strength
Jules - youthful, young at heart
Hugo - Intelligent
Arthur - Strong as a bear
Ethan - firm, strong
Raphaël - God heals
Maël - from Ishmael which means God listens
Mathéo - from Matthew which means gift of God
Noah - rest, peace
Mathis - gift Of God
Théo - divine gift
Adam - man of the earth
Nolan - noble, famous, well known
Clément - mild, gentle
Yves - archer
André/Andrien- manly, courageous, warrior
Arnaud - eagle power
Basile- king
Benoit - blessed
Didier - longing
Dieudonné - god-given
Élie/Elliot - the Lord is my God
Dominique -"belongs to the lord
Émile - rival
Étienne - crown
Eugène -well born
Fabien - derived from the roman clan name fabius which means bean grower
Fabrice - craftsman, works with his hands
François - French
Frédéric - peaceful ruler
Gaël - holy and generous
Gautier - mighty leader
Jean - God is gracious
Jean-Baptiste - Jean - God is gracious & Baptiste - baptist
Jeremie - Jehovah casts forth
Jérôme - holy name
Joël - Jehovah is God
Jules/Jullien - youthful, young at heart
Laurent -  crowned with laurel
Louis - famous warrior
Marc/Marcel - young warrior
Mathieu/Mathis/Matthieu - gift of God
Maurice  - dark-skinned
Michel/Mikel - who is like God?
Nicolas - "victor of the people."
Noël - day of birth/
Pierre - rock, stone
Renaud  - "wise ruler."
Stéphane- crown
Théo - (short form of Théodore) gift of God
Thierry - ruler of the people
Timothée - to honor God
Zacharie - whom Jehovah remembered
Noé - rest
Alexandre - French form of alexander
Alexis - Helper; defender, protector of mankind
Ange - angel
Christien - christian
Christophe - with christ inside
Didier - desire
Frédéric - peaceful ruler
François- free one /from france
Gerard - brave
Guy - Guide
Henri - rules the home
Lionel - lion cub
Marcel - young warrior
Marc- form of Mark
Mathieu - gift of god
Maxime - greatest
Nicolas  - victory of the people
Olivier - from the olive tree
Pierre - a rock
Remi - Rower
Remy - from rheims
Valentin - health or love

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