lundi 12 janvier 2015

After the historic republican march, what next ?

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If religious discrimiation is forbidden, why should we mock religions, those who practice it and their "sacred" religious leaders. Is it allowed only when it's beautifully decorated with humour and prohibited only when it is created by words. Should freedom of expression have no limits? Can children insult adults under this freedom? Can a worker insult her boss under this freedom? Are people allowed to dicriminate ethnic or national origin; religion, belief or lack of religion/belief; sex; sexual orientation when its in humour form ? Until what limits can discrimination be pushed ?

Charlie Hebdo's last issue says : "No attacks in France yet; wait! There's until end of January to send our Happy New Year wishes"
Provocation, irony or prophecy ?

After the mournings, the protests and the marches, I hope the French address this issue which they once criticised (before the Charlie Hebdo killings) and seem to support today.

This way, the horrific attack by the Jihadist brothers who took law into their own hands in the most babaric way one can imagine, would not happen again.

When the freedom of speech becomes the freedom to hurt others, when the respect of religion becomes the fear of religion, the world will not find the peace it so much desires.

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