mardi 10 septembre 2013

My 2013 best french tv commercial

I want to share with you my favorite publicité on French tv.

Total France released a tv advert campaign in May to promote its Total Access petrol stations. For me, i think it is the best commercial for the year 2013. I do not only adore the video but the song used “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”. It's by a popular American singer B. J. Thomas released on October 14th 1969.

Le pub was shot on security camera which shows client acting crazy, believing they are all alone, until they are caught by an attendant. The ad ends with the line:
"With prices this low, you don’t expect personal service as well".
The best part is when the pizza delivery guy put the pizza that drop on the floor back into its box! Hehehehehe, now i always inspect my pizza twice anytime i order :)
Filling stations with lowest fuel prices in France use automatique pomps where you can buy only with plastiques (debit & credit cards). With low prices, the French don't expect personal service. To learn more about how filling stations operate in France, click here.

My best nigerian tv ad campaign is MTN's I don port featuring Saka. I am sure you agree with me on this one. If you haven't already seen this commercial, you can watch it below.
What do you think? I just love the song kirikata kirikata, lol!!!

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