lundi 7 octobre 2013

French Licence Free Cars

The Frenchies love small cars, no doubt about that. I already explained why they love small cars but if you missed it, you can read it here.

French mini cars are known as voitures citadines (urban cars/city cars/compact cars), but French micro cars are known as voitures sans permis meaning licence free cars.
Citadines are small cars built for circulation in French cities which have small roads. They can be driven by anyone over the age of 16.
La voiturette also known as voiture sans permis (VSP) or minicitadine in France and véhicule basse vitesse (VBV) in Quebec.

They are becoming popular in France and can be driven by anyone over the age of 16. One doesn't need a driver's licence to drive one of these VSP.
A lot of young Frenchies between the ages of 16 and 18 in France drive les voitures sans permis. This is because the minimum driving age is 18 for most categories of vehicles. Learner drivers must be 18 before they can pass the practical driving test for cars.
These cars are tiny and very slow with a maximum speed of 45km/h. They are two-seaters and weigh 350kg.
It can be very frustrating if you are driving behind one on a road where over-taking is forbidden. Remember most French roads are small and have just one lane. The only positive thing about these cars is that you can park just about anywhere.

Popular marks that produce licence free cars in France are Microcar, Aixam, Mega, Ligier, Chatenet, JDM Simpa, recently Renault joined them with the mark Twizy. They come in diesel, petrol and electrique engines.
Renault Twizy

Aixam 100% electric

Tourist and foreigners who don't have to the right t drive with their home licence in France can rent a sans permis for about 30 euros a day provided it's for a short journey.

I thought about getting one since i don't have my driving licence yet, remember i talked about the problems i am have getting the French driver's licence, if you missed that also, you can read it here, well i decided not to get a voiturette because the accidents in these toys cars are really terrible, see some pictures here...

Also they are very expensive, they cost over 10,000 euros when i can get a Renault Twingo between 6500 & 7500 euros. I also found out that insurance for sans permis is very expensive and the reason is because the drivers don't have licences. That's why i am not getting one of thesse micro cars. I prefer investing 1300 euros on my licence which will never expire. Another advantage is that it's valid in all european union countries.

A good thing we don't have them in Nigeria because trailers would have crushed them all to death.

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  1. Funny part about trailers 'crushing' all the small cars to death.
    In my opinion, having any of those cars in Nigeria(mini or small) at this time will be a huge misplaced priority.
    The roads are terrible and apart from lagos, you can count the number of states that have pedestrain bridges and zebra crossing....
    Ca va aller......un jour...

  2. Love my jam 2 cylinder ,foot down and due to sob drift all corners😃😃😃😃