mardi 1 octobre 2013

French traffic chief in fine scandal !

French police are investigating into reports that the head of an agency that processes traffic fines used governement funds to pay almost 700 euros (140,000 naira) for his own fines. He also used his position to
avoid losing points on his driver’s license.

Jean-Jacques Debacq, the chief of the ANTAI agency that processes tickets issued by speed cameras, have himself violated traffic a dozen of times. The majority of infractions were committed in the evening and during the weekend, when Debacq did not have a chauffeur at his disposal and therefore used a company vehicle, a Peugeot 508.
More than half of the traffic violations paid for were for speeding, with the rest related to parking offences between the end of 2010 and summer 2013.

The interior ministry said it had launched an investigation but that Debacq was not yet facing disciplinary action.

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