dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Goodbye summer, see you in 2014

Been a while since I posted an article here... I have been working everyday for the past 19 days. And I am so tired when I return home every evening that I don't get to post anything here after doing a few post on
 FSN blog.

Summer is over now. I have brought down my summer clothes and replaced them with winter clothes, les vestes, les pulls, les collants, les juggings polaires, les doudounes, les gants, les écharpes, les bonnets, les bottes, les bottines, les moons boots etc. They take more space in my wardrobe than summer clothings... Can't wait till april when I can bring them down my summer stuffs again. I hate winter, I hate snow and I hate the cold.

Here in south of France, It's between 5 and 10°c everyday. In Paris It's between -3 and 5°C, je ne peux pas me plaindre here at the French Riviera.  

Imagine how lucky we are in Africa where we can wear same clothes all year round... 

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