lundi 29 septembre 2014

Oh le boloss !

Boloss is a new word in the French Slang dictionary. No one knows the exact spelling so it's written as either bolos, boloss or bolosse.

Growing up as a child in Nigeria, there was a slang like this... the yorubas often use bolo to describe someone who is naive and can easily be tricked, duped or conned.
It's has almost same meaning in French. It can be used to describe someone who is gullible. It can also mean a loser, a jerk, a moron etc. Someone who is ugly or who doesn't have any friends. Someone who everyone makes fun off... It can also mean that the person is daft, not intelligent, and can also mean the very opposite, that it, a nerd.
A French singer, Zaho, has a single titled boloss. Find the video below with the lyrics... It will help you understand a little bit more the expression boloss.
Also, I compiled a few comment pictures below which talk about the expression boloss.

It can be used like this ;
Un mec qui sait pas faire un plat c’est carrément un boloss !
Il est nul, il n'a qu'à rester avec sa bande de bolos

It can be replaced with : looser, bouffon, gros nul, ringard, gogo, gros beauf, idiot, crétinblaireaunaze etc.

It even has a verb bolosser.
Example : bolosser un ennemi ou se faire bolosser...

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