vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Aymeric Caron humilie Eric Zemmour

Aymeric Caron & Eric Zemmour
Eric Zemmour, notorius French writer and political journalist was humiliated on national tv on Friday 4th of octber.*

Eric Zemmour, one of the most paid journalist in the world, was invited by tv presenter Laurent Ruquier to speak about his new book "Le suicide français" on his program "On n'est pas couché", on France 2 television.

In a violent ecounter with four other people; journalists Léa Salamé & Aymeric Caron, canadian actress Anne Dorval and politician Daniel Cohn, the programme successfully pull in a large number of viewers. Eric Zemmour who is known for his racist comments against blacks and arabs, was attacked by each of the protagonists. During one long hour of debate, he had to justify his book and explain his reasons for thinking that a civil war is ineveitable in France.

Léa Salamé, a journalist of lebanese origin accused Zemmour of hating France of Today and wishing for France of the 17th century with his obsession for his three enemies; women, homosexuals and Arabs (muslims).
My favorite of the clash was the one Zemmour had with the television journalist Aymeric Caron who tackled him on details concerning the statistics noted in his book concerning immigration. Caron asked him where he got his numbers from, to which Zemmour replied that he read la dépêche de l’INSEE. They argued a while about the difference between immigrants and foreigners ending with Caron declaring that Zemmour missed up the information published by l’INSEE and that the statistics numcers he has in his book are all wrong.

L’INSEE is the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research which collects and publishes information on the French economy and society and carrying out the periodic national census.

Eric Zemmour's book "Le suicide français" is the number one selling book in France today dethroning Francois Holland's ex girlfriend's kiss & tell book. "Le suicide français" sells more than 5000 copies a day

It's funny how Eric Zemmour spits hate comment in the name of freedom of speech and right to discriminate. To think his parents were Jewish Berbers who emigrated to France from Algeria in the 1950s. But today, he feels he has the right today to treat those who are immigrants too, less French. Is he is dishing out the same treatment that his family got while they were living in Algeria ? He probably thinks he is better than other immigrants because his skin colour is whiter than others.

Anyways watch him being humiliated here, unable to justify his numbers while making a fool of himself on nationa tv. And Coran should be ashamed of himself for not being able to control himself and using the word "con" in such a debate. To think he is a journalist. Mcthew !!!

Watch the video here :

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