samedi 18 octobre 2014

Butt Plug art installed in Paris has been vandalised !

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So American artist Paul McCarthy erected his sculpture, called “Tree” in Place Vendôme in Paris on Thursday. But the Frenchies do not appreciate this art being exposed in public because of it's resemblance to a sex toy. They feel humiliated that a giant inflatable butt plug disguised as a Christmas tree could be placed next to a great art work like the statue of Napoleon in the famous Paris square.
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A far-right political French group called Printemps Français declared on their Twitter account that Place Vendôme is disfigured and Paris is humiliated. Printemps Français in English, 'French Spring' was formed in 2013 in France, a day after the huge anti-gay demonstration in Paris on 24 March. 

Inspired by 2010/2011’s Arab Spring, Printemps Français was set up to defend French's traditional and conservative family values. 

On saturday morning, the French woke up to find the abstract work deflated. The French medai says it was attacked in the early hours by angry Parisians who cut the cords holding it in place and unplugged the pump that kept the artwork erect, leaving it limp and flaccid.
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The 69 year old Los Angeles artist, who received three slaps on the day of the installation of the butt plug by an outraged passer-by, has decided to withdraw his ugly piece. The French police are still searching for the unknown assailant allegedly who attacked McCarthy while "screaming that his sculpture did not belong" in public.

McCarthy who think his tree does not offend the public or disturb the children is known for his provocative artworks such as :

His inflatable-sculpture of a giant heap of dog faeces called Complex Pile
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His all red Santa Claus sculpture holding a giant pink sex toy and a bell
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His sculpture of former US president George W Bush having anal sex with pigs.
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I hope he keeps his offensive artworks in America. The should erect his Santa Claus in the beautiful garden of the White House for coming Christmas !!!

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