vendredi 24 octobre 2014

French map for kisses !

Photo credit : Combien de bises ?
In France, greetings come with kisses as you already know by now. To know when to kiss, you can read my article The Frenchies don't hug, they kiss.

Anyways, I found this map that shows the numbre of kisses shared in the different regions of France. But as a non-French, you do not have to bother yourself about how many kisses you give when you are greeting a French person; just do the normal two, one on each cheek.

To do this, you have to touch the cheek of the person you are kissing with your cheek, while kissing the air near the other person’s ear, and making the kiss sound (not too loud, it can be deafening).

And don't stress yourself either about which side you should start from; start on the left or on the right. Since you are not French, you'll be forgiven.
In my husband's family, we often share three kisses, especially with relatives we don't get to see often. I start anywhere, left or right. Other times, I just wait and watch which side the person turns first then I follow...

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