jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Le Skizz Family

Would like you to meet a group of up-and-coming French comedians who started individually on Vine by posting funny 6-second videos.

Vine is the video-sharing app, which came out January 2013. It allows users to upload six-second clips.

These successful Viners have come together under the name Skizz Family to make weekly comedy videos which they post on YouTube channel. The 8 comedians are Tonio Life, Jaymaxvi, Salomé Je t'aime, Jeffy Jey, Diazelche, CarpeDiem Elise, Naiis_k et El Tchokophobe.
Their channel which is about a month old has over 27 000 subscribers already.

You can follow them on :


They will make you laugh and also add to your vocabulary :)

Photo credit : Skizz Family's Facebook page

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