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This French woman ain't loyal !

Valérie Trierweiler - Photo credit : AFP/Getty Images
Valerie Trierweiler new book is a must read. I just read it myself and I really do feel sorry for this heartbroken lady because I have once been in her shoes, only I didn't write a kiss & tell book... not that I am not planning to write one myself. Mdr !

I should give it a try. Who knows. I might be lucky as Valerie who received an advance of about 100,000 euros for her revenge book or I might be luckier and be the next Chimamanda Adiche :)
Valérie Trierweiler & François Hollande
Some men are not loyal, I agree but so are some women also. Why in the world did Valerie bring herself so low to write a tell it all memoir at the expense of her country and her children... She isn't patriotic at all jor, because this her book about her nine-year relationship with Hollande and her 18 months at the Elysée Palace is kinda disgraceful for her as a mother and for France as regards infidelities issues concerning the Head of Sate of a country like France... She confirmed sterotype such as French people are incapable of being faithful : Hollande cheating on Valerie and Valerie who cheated on her husband with Hollande...
The book, although helps people get to know her differently from what the media paints her as, stinks of revenge and hatred. Clearly Valerie has suffered, she was not only heartbroken but humiliated, sadly her memoir didn't acheive painting her into an angel, it ended up potraying her as crazy, jealous and possessive, something like the diary of a mad French woman.
Valérie Trierweiler
The book titled Merci pour ce Moment (Thank You For This Moment) received a furious backlash in France, where politicians' private lives are not publicly aired, as they are not considered celebrities. Even Marine Le Pen, Hollande's biggest ennemy, called the book a 'dishonour for France.' Me, I call it a dishonour to all women. Did she have to come out so cheap, so frustrated and so resentful ?

A friend of Valerie told Le Parisien newspaper that Valerie had initially abandoned her plans to write a memoir because she had thought that Julie Gayet was out of the picture and that Hollande would come back to her.. But when she realised it was not the case, she decided to wreak havoc.
Julie Gayet
This 330-page book about bitterness, sex, jealousy, humiliation and heartbreak was written to humiliate loverboy Francois Hollande but to me, it only ended up humiliating the whole of France.

Merci pour ce Moment comes nine months after Hollande humiliated his fake first lady, Valerie,by dismissing her unceremoniously on January 25 in a short official statement. This came after French magazine Closer revealed Hollande's secret love affair with Julie Gayet with claims that one of the presidential bodyguards brought croissants to the love nest in the morning. Lol! The gossip magazine also published pictures showing the President arriving by scooter to visit the actress while disguising himself by a black motorcycle helmet to go up to her appartment so his lover's neighbours do not recognise him. Hahahhaha, what a president !
The humiliation was so great for Valerie that she was checked into a hospital during eight days as they said she suffering from "stress". She then decided to take her revenge by writing a book about her life with François Hollande, spilling it all and keeping it secret until the last moment. Revenge they say is better served cold, Sacrée Valerie decided to serve hers frozen.

Although she made it known after their seperation that she might write a book shortly, the Elysée Palace said it was not aware of the score-settling memoir when it was finally released. According to the French media, the book prepared amid great secrecy during a period of six months with Valerie never connecting her laptop to the Internet and the printing done in Germany rather than in France.
The release came at a very bad time for François, economic crisis, two government reshuffles in five months, and approval ratings at 13%. Valerie, an experienced journalist, knows how to play the press and France's bachelor president got hit like a bolt from the blue when the book was released he was said to have been totally in the dark about its publication. He should have known better than to date a journalist and break up with her. As a politician, he should have been smarter than this.
François Hollande & Valérie Trierweiler
Valerie first met François during the parliamentary elections in 1998. They started dating while she was still married to her second husband and father of her three boys, and while he was still living with Ségolène, the mother of his four children although they never got married. Valerie left her husband to be with Hollande who himself left the mother of his children. Ségolène shared François' life for more than 30 years and is today his ecology minister.
Ségolène Royal, Julie Gayet & Valérie Trierweiler
Valerie should have known that if he could cheat on Ségolène with her, he would do it too her too. She obvously thought she was better than Ségolène and that he would never cheat on her...

Valerie becomes the first woman in history to publish a kiss-and-tell about a serving Head of State. Merci pour ce Moment became Amazon’s top seller on its first day.

Although in 2013, Cecilia Attias, the second wife of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, published a book called A Desire for Truth, it came out a year after Sarkozy left office, and contained no intimate details.

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