dimanche 1 février 2015

French Government launches website against jihadist propaganda

© www.stop-djihadisme.gouv.fr
A new campaign has been started to discourage French muslims from going to Syria to fight the holy war.

Three weeks after terrorist attacks in Paris which left 17 people dead, the French government has created a website to make a counterattack against jihadist propaganda war.  Jihadist groups have successfully convinced over 1200 of French muslims through an online recruitment strategy, to leave for Syria and Iraq in recent years.

The new website www.stop-djihadisme.gouv.fr opens with a two-minute graphic footage was made to expose the facts about the promises (lies) by jihadist recruiters.

The video starts with a message from a "jihadist recruiter" :

"Hi. Cool stuff that you like, does it interest you what is happening in the Levant at the moment? If you have questions don't hesitate, the truth is over there, it is now that we must leave! If you want more information give me your number I have friends there that fight I will put you in contact."

Each promise is then followed by the truth and images from clips posted by ISIS : crucifixions, headless corpses and bodies being thrown into pits.

They tell you: "Sacrifice yourself with us, you'll defend a just cause."
In reality: You will discover hell on earth and you'll die alone, far from home.

Addressing Muslim women who may be planning to become brides of jihad fighters :

They tell you: "Come start a family with one of our heroes."
In reality: You will raise your children amid war and terror.
They tell you: "Join us and come help Syrian children."
In reality: You will be an accomplice in the massacre of civilians.

"They tell you, 'Join us and come help the children of Syria,'"
"In reality you will be complicit in the massacre of civilians."

"They tell you: 'Come start a family with one of our heroes.'
In reality you will raise your children in war and terror."

Watch the video here : Stop-Djihadisme : Ils te disent…
A toll-free number for "prevention of radicalization" can be found on the website.

The U.S. State Department was first to start a counterattack campaign to discourage muslims from joining the terror group. They also set up a series of anti-ISIS accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as part of a larger social media campaign against the Islamic State. Example : Think AgainTurn Away
ISIS has in recent year used YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, internet memes (see: #catsofjihad) and other social media to recruit fighters. Amateur videos and images are also being uploaded daily by its footsoldiers. Recently, a recruitment video upload online had edited footage from Grand Theft Auto :
Your games which are producing from you, we do the same actions in the battlefields!! [sic]
France is particularly worried about because it has Europe's largest population of Muslims. A $480 million anti-terror effort has been initiated by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. This initiative came after the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in January. Nearly 3,000 government jobs has been created in order to fight terrorism in the country. There are now tougher law enforcement and cyber patrols aimed at countering radicalization online.

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