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France mourns after the rape and murder of a 9-year-old schoolgirl

Chloé ©Daily Mail
A nine-year-old French girl named Chloé was abducted while playing with a friend near her home in the French town of Calais.

She approached a man who had stopped his car nearby to drink and sprayed him with her water gun. The man grabbed her and then pinned the girl down, while a young boy who knew the Chloé saw this happened, he moved closer to ask find out what was going on. He said the girl was very calm and not struggling and the man told him, "Toi, dégage d'ici !" meaning "You, get out from here!". Scared, he didn't raise an alarm. The kidnapper then forced her into his red car with a Pole plate number.
Chloé was playing here © AFP
Someone went to get Chloé's mother who had left her alone for five minutes to change her two younger children. She arrived to see the attacker driving her daughter away. he also said that her daughter wasn't struggling. (The poor girl must have been in shock, having been threatened with a knife... my opinion which I justify with the fact that this immigirant from Poland has already attacked an elderly woman with a knife to rob her.)

Police were alerted to the kidnapping at around 3:30pm and quickly deployed search teams. Her naked body was discovered in the nearby wood less than two hours later.
Her naked body was found here ©Daily Mail
The suspect, a 38-year-old Polish man, who was intoxicated, was found close to the crime scene. He admitted having kidnapped, raped and strangled the poor girl.

The suspect has a history of criminal violence and had spent time in prison in both France and Poland. He was reportedly released just months ago after serving a six-year sentence.
The suspect ©Daily Mail
Thousands of people, including Cloe's mother and grand-mother, marched through Calais on Thursday in her memory.
The grand-mother & mother of Chloe along with the Mayor of Calais ©Daily Mail

©Daily Mail
This is just so sad and this man deserves death. It's also shocking that a little girl can be kidnapped like that in braod day light with no one to come to her rescue. I wish everyone around the world will adopt the African proverb which says, "it takes a whole village to raise a child".

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