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Different types of restaurants in France

By now you know that food businees is big business in France. The French don't joke with their meal time, although their petit dejeuner is light, their déjeuner and dîner is always complete with a three-course meal.

They eat déjeuner at 12pm and dîner is starts between 6 & 8pm and can last a couple of hours. The French eat out a lot and so have lots of restaurants. The different types of restaurants in France are :

"La restauration traditionnelle" : which includes hotel restaurants, classiques (normal restaurants), and "gastronomiques".
French Wine Explorers


"La restauration à thèmes" : like those specialised in a particular food such as health-food, vegetarian meals, crêperies, wine bars, fruit shops,  kebab shops, or those those specialised in a cultures dishes (cuisine nigériane, cuisine chinoise, cuisine libanaise, cuisine japonaise, cuisine marocaine, etc.)


crêperie sortir à macon
"La restauration de collectivité" : company restaurants, school restaurants, hospital restaurants,
school restaurant
"La restauration rapide" : fast-food restaurants (such as Mc Donalds, KFC, Quick), "restauroute" restaurants which are often self-service or free-flow, "cafétérias" (such as Casino, Flunch which are self-service , carrousel, fre-flow, scramble, linéaire), "snacks" (such as hamburger, hot-dogs, croque monsieur, panini) sandwidcherie (like Brioche Dorée...), "food-courts", automatic restaurants (moules-frites distributors..)
fast-food iledefrance

There are also" restauration traiteur", "service à domicile" et "restauration dans les transports" (aérienne, ferroviaire et dans les bateaux).
 boucherie traiteur simon

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