mardi 21 juillet 2015

Carambar is a popular sweet in France which has been around for years, as far back as 1954. It's about 6 cm long and comes in differents flavours.

Cola, Lemon / Citron, Strawberry / Fraise, Orange, Raspberry / Framboise, Cherry / Cerise, Cotton Candy, Passion fruit amongst many others.
different flavours

But the most popular is Caramel which was the first flavour.
carambar caramel

Carambar Caramel can be used for cakes and tartes :
cupcakes carambar

tarte au carambar,

mousse au chocolat noir et carambar

So when you are in France, try some of these, each one cost 15 cents. They are also carambar minis.
carambar mini
I only buy caramel because I love the taste and I love how it sticks to my teeth when I eat it.  never have enough patience to lick it.

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