jeudi 26 septembre 2013

When the Koko Master speaks French...

Marketing Manager Moet Hennesy David Hourdry, Hennessy Ambassador Cyrille Gautier-Auriol, Dbanj & Kay Switch
When D'banj Olivier Twist speaks French, the Tour Eiffel falls down and rises up again... mdr!

Here is the first part of the video of D'banj's visit to the Cognac Town in France on September 4, 2013. His brother Kay Switch was also with him along side his manager Tony Nwakalor.

I think D'banj is a very funny dude who should improve on his French. He should make effort to learn a few more words to please his francophone fans all around the world.

The Hennessy Ambassador, Cyrille Gautier-Auriol, who was there to welcome D'banj and his crew gave him the name "Olivier Twist". So when D'anj is in France, you know what to call him.. Olivier.

Have fun watching this as i did. Vive Banga lee !!!

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