mardi 29 octobre 2013

A baby kept in the boot of her mother's car for over a year

The parents of the baby girl escorted to court
A baby girl was been found in her own excrement in the boot of her mother’s car. It appears she has been there hidden since her birth.

An unemployed portuguese couple who live in France have been arrested and charged on Sunday with child abuse and endangering a minor.

The little girl, aged between 15 and 23 months, was found by mechanics on Friday severely dehydrated and naked when her mother brought the car to a garage in Terrasson, in central France.

One of the mechanics heard "bizarre noises, like moans" coming from the car boot and opened it to discover the baby girl. She was taken to hospital where doctors said she was suffering from delayed growth and mental problems.

The girl's mother, 45, and her 40 year old partner have three other children a 4 year old girl and 2 boys aged 9 and 10 who were handed over to social services following their parents' arrest.

The mother told police that she had given birth in secret and hidden the baby's existence from everyone, including her partner, the girl's father.
The garage where the child was found by mechanic
The mechanic who found the girl told journalists that he was still reeling from the discovery.
"I'm still having trouble sleeping, it was a horrifying sight, seeing this little girl in her own excrement, not able to hold up her head, white as a sheet."
Neighbours told the media that the mother had been behaving strangely and was seen spending an unusual amount of time in the car.
"We had the impression this woman lived in her car. She never left it," a neighbour said. I remember seeing her several times a week with her car parked in a lot about 200 metres from her home. The boot was always open. I was wondering what she could be doing.
One villager said :
"I went to their house several times and there was never any trace of a baby. We never noticed that she was pregnant."
Another neighbour, Pascale said :
"I recall seeing her several times a week with her car parked in a little lot about 200 metres from her house but we couldn’t see what she was doing in the boot. We never heard a single cry, never saw a bottle or a pushchair."
The couple’s three other children attend the local school and appear normal.

According to the French media, it was said that the mother had given birth to the baby in a corridor at the couple’s house aided by a neighbour.

The man was allegedly drunk when he was arrested on Friday night and could only be questioned on Saturday after spending a night in a cell to sober up.

The couple appeared in court yesterday , they may face up to 10 years in prison.

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