lundi 28 octobre 2013

French football clubs going on strike !

Jean-Pierre Louvel, Union president of French Professionnel Football Clubs in the middle
French football clubs are going on strike on the 30th of November. This strike is to protest against the proposed 75 percent tax on salaries over 1 million euro during two years.

The presidents of the French Professional Football League are not pleased with this new tax. They argue that  nearly all the Ligue 1 clubs, except Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco, are in debt. And
several clubs are obliged to sell their best players to break even.

In the beginning, most people thought this 75 percent tax was supposed to hit the richest clubs like PSG and Monaco. Since it would only cost PSG only 19.5 million euro because of a cap at 5 percent of revenue and  20 million for Monaco as the club already enjoys an estimated 50 million euro tax break. Note that Monaco is considered to be outside France: this means it does not fall under the French tax regime.

The fact that Monaco would be exempted from this tax has angered other clubs. The Professional Football League (LFP) has been battling against this inequality with Monaco for much of the past year. In March, the LFP decided the best way to abolish this tax loophole would mean all clubs having their company offices in France.

Although Monaco football club  is exempted from this tax, they will also be on strike along with their rivals to show solidarity by protesting against the 75 percent tax on French companies that pay individual employees salaries of more than 1 million euro.

I don't know much about le foot or the French football clubs, I just find it funny that even footballers are going on strike. I also think that 75 percent tax is a lot of money. But several people claim that they earn so much and won't feel it... maybe... but 75 percent tax? They'll be left with 25 percent only.

Not only footballers earning over 1 million euro will be subjected to this tax in France, every one earning over 1 million euro as salary is subjected to this outrageous tax. Thank God I am not earning that much... mdr ! Just kidding, if I was earning that much I would be willing to pay that much... during a period of 2 years :) rather than paying it in Nigeria where it will end up in one corrupt politician's pocket.

Same as tithe, when I pay in France, I don't even think twice nor wonder if it will truly be used for God's work.

Good roads, electricity 24/7, allocations, free education, security, amongst several others... I am proud to pay my tax in France.

God bless France !

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