lundi 28 octobre 2013

An hour back in time !

For a long time, I thought it wasn't possible to go back in time. Chaque minute perdue ne pourra jamais se retrouver, but that is not entirely true. In France every year, I can re-live an hour lost.

During saturday night and sunday morning, we gained one more hour, the one we lost sometime in March when the clocks moved forward by one hour.

At 3 am, we went back in time, to 2 am. We were able to sleep a little while longer. Isn't that cool ?
France like several other countries observe Daylight Saving Time, meaning that the clock was put back to "shorten" the dark winter evenings.

I woke up feeling well-relaxed, having slept one hour en plus. The time on my phone had automatically updated itself. I looked at my watch, it was 10 am, but on my phone it was just 9 am.

For some time now, it starts getting dark from 6 pm like in Nigeria unlike during summer when it starts getting dark at about 9pm. Winter comes with shorter days and with one hour being subtracted, we are now on the same time as Nigeria and not an hour ahead as it's been, in summer.

Also with the change in time, it's going to start getting dark at about 5pm now and at about 4pm when full blown winter moves in.

I hate winter not only because it's cold and i don't like the cold but also because the days are shorter et le soleil couche at 4pm and il se lève at about 9 am. Without talking about the days I spend waiting to see the sun that I so much did not value while living in nigeria.
In France, the clocks change twice a year moving from winter time to summer time known as le passage à l'heure d'été, and back, from summer time to winter time known as le passage à l'heure d'hiver.

Daylight Savings runs from the last Sunday in March, when the clocks go forward by an hour, through to the last Sunday in October, when they go back by an hour.

So until March when we'll be losing the one hour we gain, Nigeria and France will be on the same time zone !

Cheers :)

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