jeudi 17 octobre 2013

How to drink wine like the Frenchies

In France people drink wine when they have meals just as we drink water during meals. French people seem to be born with special talents on how to choose fine wine. Here are a few tip s you should know to give the impression that you know about wine when you are in a restaurant in France and the waiter first pours you a smalll taste in your glass , when you you are invited to dinner by your french friends or when you go a wine tasting.

To savour a wine, you need your sight, odour, and taste to déguster a French wine. When you are served, the first thing you do is to take a good look at the wine, that's how french people do. You stare at it passionately like it's a very sexy woman dressed in red. And when you put the glass to your lips, you do not swallow immediately, you have to linger on the taste like you do when devouring ice cream.
I used wonder why waiters first pour a small amount of wine into ons'es glass to taste even when the bottle is uncorked before one. I have come to realise that in France, the wine-pouring ritual is a tradition and not a way of finding out if one is an expert in wines or not.
To taste wine like the French people who all give the impression that they are passed through a professional school of wine tasting, you must first observe the color, opacity, brightness and clarity. Simply put: you must study the wine, the light in the room matters.
A quality wine is not transparent, it has a deep, rich color but wine of lesser quality do not glitter. When you are served, take the glass by the foot and bring it close to your eyes. Swirl it a bit to see what the Frenchies call les larmes known as tears. They are traces left on the wall of your glass which helps to determine the alcohol content of wine. The higher the alcohol content, the higher les larmes take time to form.
The next step is to sniff the wine. First, without shaking the glass, perceive the odour which is known as le premier nez du vin that is first nose of the wine. Then smell the wine again after gently shaking the glass.
Smell plays a fundamental role in wine tasting. French wine have the odours called primaires, secondaires and tertiaires.. The wine smells more like different fruits than grape only. The fermentation of grape helps uncover the aroma of the wine. If the smell is strong but pleasant, it is a fine wine.

When you  are tasting wine, take a small sip. If a one particular flavour is stronger than the others, it means it's not a fine wine. 
To enjoy all the flavors in wine, you must stir the wine in the mouth like you are gaggling quietly with it without allowing air to filter through. To take a small sip, tighten your lips, suck some air with the tongue and allow the wine to slowly pass into your mouth. The first sensation is sweetness, second is acidic and finally the third is bitterness. If the wine is good, nod and smile.

Now I think you are ready to enjoy a good wine.

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