lundi 4 novembre 2013

Franglais ... my English life in France

Today was my first day in an English company in Antibes, a town in the South of France. My professional course in secretariat studies can be validated only after une période d'un mois en entreprise where i'll do
the praticals of all I have learnt in class.
I got a place in an English speaking company because I think I might not be perfect enough for a French company considering that my French is not perfect. I actually got a place in the public office: la mairie de Cagnes-Sur-Mer, but they asked me to try other private companies first, incase they decide to keep me after the learning period... knowing that they can't keep me. But if I don't find any I can do the un mois de stage with them. This is because getting a job with the governement is not automatique, there are series of tests to pass, and so many people are waiting to get a place, and being an immigrant, I don't want to waste my time trying, I think it's like being Ibo and trying to get a place in Epe LGA, it's possible though, when you know someone who knows someone.

Bref, I like being in this company where almost everyone speaks English, it makes me happy, and I feel closer to home, although the accent is different and the English is spoken really fast.
The people are nice, mon tuteur est gentil aussi and I have a new friend called Alexis. He is the only French person in the whole company, he speaks little English so I get to speak French with him. Aussi, il est parisien and not as reserved as the  southerners, so we flow like we've known each other for years. Guess I won't miss Fabrice.

F called me today and we got to talk a bit about our experiences on notre premier jour en entreprise.

Exchanging text messages with my collegues these morning left me teary-eyed, everyone wishing everyone "Bon Courage pour ce matin". I am going to miss them all during one long month. It's going to be more difficult in december when the course comes to an end...

Here are the last pictures we took together :

Going to miss everyone. Thank God for Facebook, SMS, BBM, WhatsApp, We Chat, etc...

Hoping to revive my English during this period. Getting to speak English again everyday, feels really good !!! Maybe just some day, I'll get to speak pidgin English in France :) Wink wink. Not sure I can flow in it anymore...

Hope you had a lovely Monday ! Bises :)

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