mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Happy new year !

It's 2014! Happy new year peeps!! Peace, love and happiness to us all for this new wyear which has just began. May all your dreams come true. May life offer you only the most beautiful things. And may God grant all your heart desires. May He give you reasons to smile everyday.

I am happy and enjoying every beat of today, vodka & caviar, champagne, vin rouge, baileys, oeuf de lompe, saumon, saucisson, chorizo, fromage, fried meat, etc. It's eating all day long.

I hope you had fun too. Share your day with me down here. I am hoping to do more of writing here this year. At least a post per week. December was very very busy for me and I had to stop writing until afater my exams. Oui, ça y'est, j'ai mon titre, I am now a professional secretary, it's my very first French certificate. I am hoping to get a good job this new year in an anglophone company. I also passed my driving code exams. It was double success for me in december. Starting my road driving lessons next week. Looking forward to it but it's so upseting that I have to pay 42 euros per hour when I already know how to drive!

Anyways, it's the new year and I am expecting que des heureux événements. Let's do 2014 together !!! Bises

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