jeudi 16 janvier 2014

Hollande’s mistress sues magazine for violation of privacy

Julie Gayet
François Hollande's new mistress, Julie Gayet, has filed a civil law suit for violation of privacy against Closer magazine over its report on her alleged affair with the French President. 

The 41 year old actress is seeking 50,000 euros in damages and 4,000 euros in legal costs from the magazine which she claims breached France's privacy legislation by taking unauthorised photos. If she wins, Closer will have to publish the legal verdict on its cover page.

France’s culture minister has removed Gayet’s name from consideration for the prestigious Villa Medici jury. The jury selects fifteen artists to live and work for up to 18 months in the 16th century Roman villa, which houses the French Academy of Rome.
Julie Gayet
Hollande had threatened earlier that he wouldtake legal action against Closer has recently annouced his decision not to go ahead with it. He said  he had decided not to sue the magazine for invading his privacy because as head of state he was immune from being sued himself and did not want to create a double standard. He never, however, denied the reported affair.

Closer has announced that it will publish "new photos and exclusive information" on the affair in its Friday issue. The president's live-in partner, Valerie Trierweiler, remained hospitalised on Thursday, six days after she was admitted to a Paris clinic for "nervous exhaustion."

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Actress Gayet sues magazine over reported affair with Hollande
Hollande’s alleged mistress removed from prestigious arts jury

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