samedi 15 mars 2014

Big air pollution in Paris

Airparif, a pollution group which takes readings of Paris’ air quality, has announced that the city would experience a potentially dangerous level of air pollution.

The French government said on Friday that it will introduce alternate driving days and free public transport in an  attempt to reduce tailpipe emissions.

Health authorities have said that small children, seniors and people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses should avoid greeting the early dose of springtime and remain indoors. People have been asked to avoid “intense sporting activities”, to limit travel in private vehicles and to favour the use of public transportation.

The recent high concentration of particulate matter in the Parisian air was blamed on the near absence of wind in the region and shortage of rain. 

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch of the World Health Organisation, officially classified particulate matter as carcinogenic in October. Several studies have also revealed that particulate matter air pollution, which comes mainly from vehicles, factories and industry, is deadly.

Other recent studies in Asia and Europe have linked elevated levels of air pollution to reduced life expectancy and low birth weight among babies.


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