dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Watch French Church Services Online

If for any reason you can't be at the church on a Sunday morning, today a lot of churches offer free live streaming where you can follow the Service Online on direct.

I would like to share with you a few links were you can watch sermons live or replay and in French for that matter :D
Eglise Assemblée de Cagnes-sur-mer
I attend two churches, l'Eglise Assemblée Évangélique de Cagnes-sur-mer and l'Eglise Évangélique d'Antibes. I live in Cagnes-sur-mer and the church is about 700 meters away on foot. The service starts at 9h45 am Sunday mornings and ends at 11h30am.

Worship is the best part of the Service for me. I know a lot of the songs in English and sometimes don't sing in French even with the help of projectors. When I am in deep worship I just sing in English, so I can close my eyes and enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit. I don't often understand the sermon because they don't come in simple French and I am lost most times. The sermons cannot be watched live as the Church doesn't offer this service.
Eglise Évangélique d'Antibes Source : Geneawiki
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law attend the Church ADD in Antibes. Since the first time I attended sometime in March, I have been hooked. I never wake up any sunday morning not feeling like not going to church. There are more black people in the church and more young people compared to Cagnes which seems to be like a church for the old. There are two services at Antibes and one at Cagnes.

The church is about 15km away from home, 25/30 minutes by departmental road  and about 15 minutes by express road. Service starts at 11h00 and ends at 12h30. Worship is beautiful but not as beautiful as that of Cagnes. Prophesies, tongues and interpretation are present just as in Cagnes. Sermon is always interesting and easy to understand.

One can watch the Church service at Antibes Online but not live. To watch the videos on their website, click here. To join their Facebook page, click here and to watch videos on sermon archives and to suscribe to their channel on YouTube, click here.
La Porte Ouverture Chrétienne
If you are ill and can't go to Church for some reason, you can watch live for free sermons from La Porte Ouverte Chrétienne, one of the biggest Evangelical Churches in France. The full name of the Church is Mission du Plein Évangile - La Porte Ouverte Chrétienne, in English, it's called Mission of Full Gospel – Christian Open Door. It's located at Mulhouse in Alsace in the North East region of France. Church services hold every Sunday morning at 9h30 and every tuesday evening at 19h00.

You can watch the entire service Live Online, every sunday at 9h30 (9h00 the first sunday of every month) and every Teusday at 19h00. To read more about the Church in French click here, to read in English click here. To visit the Church's website click here and watch service live here. You can also Like their Facebook page and find them on YouTube. To download the Church's application on your phone, click here.

Every night before going to bed my husband and I listen to daily devotions on a Top Chrétien, a Christan Online Community website. The devotion is called La Pensée du Jour and the articles posted are written by different people : Franck Alexandre, Patrice Martorano, John Roos, Bob Gass, Paul Calzada, Rick Warren, Yannis Gautier, Joyce Meyer amongst other preachers.

You can find them on Facebook and on YouTube. I pray that La Pensée du Jour changes your life as it has changed mine and my family.

If you know other Online Sermon, please share with me. Thanks !

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