vendredi 5 septembre 2014

The French president at the NATO Summit Wales 2014

Several pictures of the French president looking absent at the NATO Summit have gone viral online.

The first picture shows François Hollande looking in a completely different direction to everyone else. The French think he looks clueless.

The second picture tagged "Seul au monde" meaning "all alone in the world", shows Hollande sitting all alone by himself, busy with his phone. But who can blame him, he doesn't speak English...
The third picture circulating the Internet is the one below. Hollande seems to be looking at his shoes.

The man has alot of issues on his mind. From wars in Ukraine and Afghanistan to the fast-spreading spectre of ISIS in the Middle East, his approval ratings which is at 13%, his ex-girlfriend's explosive memoirs titled "Merci pour ce moment" which revealed that he hates the poor and calls them "the toothless"... amongst other problems.
Although looking at Francois Hollande on these photos crack me up, I found one beffitting of a president... where he isn't  looking cut offf from what's going on around him.
Okay, I know he seems to be looking again at a different direction, but this time aroung he isn't alone. Something must have distracted him and his partner on the left.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an intergovernmental military alliance. The summit started yesterday in Wales bringing together over 60 heads of state and government.
NATO Summit Wales 2014 is being called "the most important gathering of NATO leaders in more than a decade" with Ukraine and Islamic State topping the agenda.

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