lundi 6 octobre 2014

French couple, step-mum & step-son are married !

A French couple, who were once step-mother and step-son, tied the knot on Saturday 4th of October in a small village called Dabo in Alsace-Lorraine, in France.

Even though French law prohibits all unions between step-children and step-parents, Elisabeth Lorentz, 48, got married to Eric Holder, 45, before some 100 or more guests which includes Holder's father who is also the ex-husband of the bride.

According to reports, Elizabeth met Eric's father in 1989, had a child with him in 1997, married him 2003 and divorced him in 2006. All this while Eric was her stepson. Along the line, Elizabeth and Eric fell in love andstarted having an affair. When they decided to marry, they realised that the French law forbids their union.
They then started their long fight against authorities for the legal right to wed. They pleaded their case through the courts right up to the Elysée Palace, only to receive a signed letter from President François Hollande last year reconfirming that such marriages are banned. They finally obtained the right to marry from a local court in north-east France in June. The prosecutor's office opposed the decision but did not appeal.

Today, Eric's half-sister is now his step-daughter and his own daughter from another woman is now the step-sister of his half-sister. Although, they are not blood relatives, the thing just seems really weird.

 Abeg e get as e be for ear !!!

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