mardi 7 octobre 2014

French Minister of Justice makes a face on Live TV

I just watched this funny video of French Minister of Justice, Madame Christiane Taubira, who made a funny face (faire la grimace à quelqu'un - to make a face at som) on Live Television.

The first black French Minister of Justice was invited to a morning show by Patrick Cohen on France Inter. While an auditor was on the phone speaking, she decided to make a funny face forgetting that radio shows are as well filmed these days.

When the presenter reminded her that she was filmed, she felt embarrased and laughed it off. The video has been circulating the internet since with everyone saying she was mocking the auditor. But one of the journalists of France Inter says the face was meant for Patrick Cohen because the auditor was infact in support of the Minister concerning the situation of his profession. Watch the funny video below..

Christiane Taubira se fout de la gueule d'un auditeur qui lui pose des questions :
Mdr, very funny !!!

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