mardi 7 octobre 2014

Que dalle !

Que dalle in French means nothing, nothing at all, absolutely nothing, etc,. It is an informal expression that can be used with family and friends. It's a slang used mostly by young people in France and the tone of the voice determines if the speaker is being vulgar or not... It shouldn't be used in formal settings, like when talking to your boss, except you use buddy when you talking to him/her. LOL! 

Que dalle can be used alone or with a verb. 

Using the expression alone :

Ex :

Two friends talking in class :

T.J : Fatai, Que caches-tu dans le sac ?
Fatai : Que dalle T.J !

T.J : Fatai, what are you hiding in that bag?
Fatai : Nothing T.J !

Two friends talking on the phone :

Nneka : Salut Tola ! Que fais tu ?
Tola : Que dalle !

Nneka : Hello Tola ! What are you doing ?
Tola : Nothing at all !

Two friends shopping :

Stella : Tu as trouvé quelque chose que te plait ?
Janet : Que dalle !

Stella : Have you found something you like ?
Janet : Not a damn thing !

Two friends after a lecture :

Yinka : Tu as compris quelque chose
André : Que dalle !

Yinka : Did you understand anything ?
André : Absolutely nothing! 
Using the expression with a verb :

It's often used with piger or entraver

Piger means to understand, to get

Ne piger que dalle
Not understand a goddam thing / not get a bloody thing

Tu connais que dalle!
You don't know shit!

Je n'entends que dalle !
I can't hear a damn thing!

Ça coûte que dalle
It costs peanuts / it costs next to nothing

Alors tu comprends vraiment que dalle.
Then you don't understand a fucking thing.

Je vois que dalle sans mes lunettes.
I can't see shit without my glasses.

J’y pige que dalle !
I don't understand a damn thing !

Elle bouffe que dalle.
She don't eat nothing.

Je viens de perdre N 500, et là, j'ai que dalle.
I just lost N 500 and now I've got nothing.

Ta parole, elle vaut que dalle
Your word doesn't mean anything to me (I don't trust / believe you...)

Je te l'avais deja dire que je sais que dalle sur cette fille.
I already to;d you that I know nothing anout the girl / I don't know a thing about the girl

Entraver (as a slang) means to understand
Entraver que dalle. -Ne rien comprendre.

J'entrave que dalle
I don't understand a damn thing!

J’y entrave que dalle, à ton histoire !
I don't understand a shit what you are talking about !

Ok ! That's the end. Vous avez pigé ?

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