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Line Renaud & Stromae discover their wax statues at the Grévin Museum, Paris

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Belgian singer Stromae and French singer and actress Line Renaud attended their waxwork unveiling at Musée Grevin this October 12, 2014 in Paris.

Musee Grévin which is one of the oldest wax museums in Europe decided to honour Stromae, 29, and Line Renaud, 86; two people started their careers at a very young age followed by an instant success.

Wearing same clothes as their wax double, the stars stood next to their figures at the Grevin wax museum during the presentation of their waxwork.
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Stromae's figure wears same outfit as the one he was wearing in his video "Papaoutai"
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 Line's statue wears a blue dress she wore during a concert in Olympia.
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Line has been in the show business since 1945 while Stromae started his career in 2000. We might be wondering why Line is just being recognised knowing that there are 59 years between the two artists and Line started her career some 69 years ago when Stromae was not even born. Well, according to Line herself, she was asked several years ago to join the list of stars whose wax statues were at the popular wax museum situated  on the Grands Boulevards in the 9th arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine, but her husband Loulou Gasté refused the offer.

The wax statue museum, which was created in 1882, has about 450 statues of French stars and personnalities, as well as international figures. Musee Grévin reeives over 800, 000 visits each year.
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If you visit Paris, don't foret to pass by this amazing museum which is opened to the public everyday. It is located at 10, Boulevard Montmartre, Paris, France. For tarifs, visit their site here.

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