jeudi 13 novembre 2014

Meet Wil Aime

Wil Aime is a 19 year old up-and-coming French comedian who makes short funny videos. His Facebook page has over 80,000 likes and he posts at least a video every week.

I love his videos and wish he was part of the Skizz Family. I already did a little article about Skizz Family, 8 French viners who came together to form a group and make comedy videos. To learn more about them go here.

Follow Wil Aime on the social media : 
Facebook : Wil Aime
Vine : Wil Aime
Instagram : @wilaime
Twitter : @WilAime
YouTube : Wil Aime
Here is one of his vines titled "quand tu peux pas entrer en cours parce que t'es trop en retard" :
The video below is a remix of the song Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda and an interview of Claude Makélélé, an ex-French international footballer. The rythm used in Hot Nigga was first used in Jackpot by Lloyd Banks.
Very lovely remix by Wil Aime., I wish it was longer :) Makélélé's voice saying J'men bats les couilles Rien à foutre, the French phrases although very vulgar fits perfectly into the song. Wil Aime uses this remix a lot in his vines.

Mekele's interview : Brésil ou pas
Remember Rihanna posted a video of herself dancing to this song. Bikini clad and a blunt in hand, the video shows the star doing the Shmoney dance along with her besty Melissa Ford. Watch it here below :
Anyways, I think that Wil Aime 's vines will make you laugh and will also add to your vocabulary. Hope you find them as funny as I do :)

Photo Credit : Wil Aime 's Facebook page.

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