dimanche 15 février 2015

‎Flower business is big business in France.

Valentine's day is one of the days when French florists make a high turnover.

On the 14th of February, flowers ‎are one of the gifts the French men offer their women. Different kinds of flowers are offered on this day but red roses remains the most bought as they are considered "la reine des fleurs", that is, "the Queen of flowers".

Red roses are the most cultivated and sold flowers in the world. They mean passionate love. ‎They are given as declaration or expression of love.
Other flowers given on this day are orchids, tulips, irises, daisies, lilies, etc,.

Mother's day remains the biggest event when flowers are sold the most in France. Composition of different flowers are offered as gifts to mothers.

On the 1st of November, All Saints' Day known as la Toussaint or fête des morts, the French put flowers ‎on the tombs of their loved ones. It's a tradition in France to buy Chrysanthemum. French cemeteries are filled with Chrysanthemums on this day.
Every year in France, over 20 million Chrysanthemums are sold and about 4 billion euros spent. Chrysanthemums arrive in autumn and there are over 400 varieties. Some ‎French people also use them to decorate their balconies and gardens.

On the 1st of May, Workers' Day‎ known as fête de travail, it's the tradition to offer Muguet because this day is known as Muguet's Day (fêtes de Muguet).

Muguet flourishes in spring and are believed to bring good luck. The word "Muguet" ‎means retour de bonheur ( return of happiness)
Maman Plus
The French also offer flowers as gift for birthdays, grandmothers' day, baptisms, communions, child birth, etc,. They are also offered to express for romance, friendship,love,sympathy/condolences‎, etc,. They are used to decorate homes, weddings, funerals, etc,.
During Christmas, the French decorate their home with flowers. Red and green flower compositions are more common at this period.

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