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Un français moyen !

"Un français moyen" ou "Français type" means an ordinary French person.

Several reports say that about 20% of the French are very rich and about 20% are very poor. The other 60% who make up the French population are considered as the middle class. "Les Français moyens" are those who come from this "classe moyenne". They are also known as the "écrasée" or the "oubliée". They are the French who are neither rich nor poor.

French people do not like the "bling bling" life and a lot of them who are actually rich do not wish to be identified as rich, while some who are poor do not want to be identified as poor. These people are classified under the "classe moyenne" even though it's not true.

When some people think about the normal French person, they think he is dresses in strip shirts, wears a beret, holds a baguette over his shoulder, rides a bicycle, smokes a lot, drinks a lot of wine, eats a lot of cheese, etc,.
But according to a 2011 economic report by INSEE, "le français moyen" lives in a city like Ile-de-France which has an estimated population at 11,7 million. He lives in an apartment where he is his own landlord. He doesn't like solitude and so he gets into a relationship, he and his girlfriend move in together or even get married. They then make decision to have kids, often, just a child. He has a permanent full-time job and works about 39 hours per week. He earns about 2.068 euros gross per month and spends about 1.840 euros. He has a refrigerator, a television, a washing machine and a landline telephone. He also has a mobile phone and a computer. He buys only one car. eats about 86 kg de fresh vegetables, 68,5 kg de potatoes, 52 kg de bread, 19 kg of poultry meat and 18,5 kg of cheese. Il drinks about 51,5 liters of milk and 151 liters of mineral and spring water. He also drinks about 23 litres of wine.
carnet de bord
French singer Sheila whose real name Annie Chancel sang a song titled "Petite fille de français moyen"
Listen to it here :
You can also listen to "Français Moyen" by Ile De France below. The lyrics of the song explains a bit what "un français moyen" is :
Je ne suis pas homme supérieur
Mais un honnête travailleur
Je vis mes joies et mes douleurs modestement
Comme tant des miens très tôt tous les matins
Je prends les transports en commun
Je prends le bus ou le métro jusqu'au boulot
Pas besoin d'intellectuels ni d'idéologie
Pour donner un sens à ma vie
Je suis un Français moyen !

Source : Etes-vous un Français moyen?

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