jeudi 19 février 2015

In France, you are on your own !

The French put up a good show during the "Je suis Charlie" solidarity rallies in January, now that the whole cinema is over, they have gone back to being who they really are, "individualists" !

After the historic republican march, what is next for the French? Everyone has gone back to minding their own business.

A  22-year-old French student was raped on a train on the outskirts of Paris in front of passengers who did not intervene. It happened on the night of 4th and 5th February.

Around 11:49pm, while smoking on a platform and waiting for the train going from Paris to Melun, a stranger walked up to the young girl but she ignored him. When the train arrived and she boarded, the man followed her to her seat and continued talking to her. Still ignoring him, ahe leaned towards her. He started to kiss her cheeks and neck. She pushed him off but he was stronger. Pinning her with his weight, he slid his hands down her underwear and fingered her (which is considered also as rape since a penetration occured).
All of this happened in full view of other passengers, who didn’t do anything to her rescue or even pull the alarm. Once the train arrived at its destination, Melun, the girl left the train while her attacker followed her and tried to assault her again, but eventually left.

The student ran home to her parents’ house, and when they asked about the bruises on her face, she said she’d fallen over. Two days later, she was finally able to confide in friends, who encouraged her to go to the police. With the help of CCTV, a 38-year-old homeless man has been arrested.

Read the story here : Paris-Melun : une étudiante violée devant des passagers dans le train

A video showing a group of Chelsea soccer fans harassing and pushing a black man off a Paris Metro train has gone viral.

A gang of British football fans repeatedly pushed a black man off a train at Richelieu-Drouot station on Paris Metro despite there being enough space in the carriage. The French man, who was on his way home from work can be seen in the video asking them to let him on and pointing at a space, but the gang block the door and push him off again when he tries to board for the second time.
© Screen grab
They can be heard chanting at the black man who is a father of three : "We're racist, we're racist, and that's the way we like it, we like it, we like it". But the victim does not speak English and did not understand what they were saying. Another black passenger then walks off the train in disgust.

This ugly incident happened in front of onlookers who didn't do anything. RATP agents (train securtity agents) also passed by without doing anything.

About 40 or 50 Chelsea supporters were on the train which happened ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League game, 1-1 draw, against Paris Saint-Germain at Parc des Princes on Tuesday night, 17 February, The video was filmed and released to the Guardian by British expatriate Paul Nolan.
 © Screen grab
Watch the video here :
Chelsea club has urged anyone who knows who they are to contact them anonymously and pledged to ban them from the club.

Police in Britain and France are now hunting for the men who might face up to three years in prison and pay fine equivalent to £33,000 (45,000 €) if they are caught before they leave France. If they are identified after having returned to the UK, the French judicial authorities will issue a European arrest warrant and seek their extradition to France.

Read the story here : VIDÉO. Avant PSG / Chelsea à Paris, des supporteurs du club anglais dans le métro empêchent un passager noir de monter
But I am not so surprised, when I first relocated to France 3 years ago, stories like these shocked me :

Un homme mort depuis près de 15 ans retrouvé dans son lit

Dijon : mort depuis 4 ans, un homme est retrouvé chez lui, complètement momifié

Un pendu retrouvé chez lui… huit ans après sa mort

Le corps d'un homme mort depuis six ans retrouvé dans son appartement

This kinda story scares the hell outta me. Don't want to die this way. Maybe things like this happen in Nigeria... but I have never heard of such and didn't know it was possible until I moved here!

Welcome to France !

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Will anyone stand up for you ?

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