vendredi 3 avril 2015

C’est quoi, un point Godwin ?

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The expression le "point Godwin" appeared in the US in 1990, it is also known as a loi de Godwin, in English, it is called the "Godwin's Law."

The Godwin's Law by American attorney Mike Godwin which states that the longer a web discussion goes, the higher the possibllity that someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the subject of debate that started the long discussion. This usually happens on Internet forums, chat rooms, and blog while debating on topics such as politics, religion, etc,.
Mike Godwin Wikipedia
Even outside in real discussion outside the Internet, when discussions between two people or not goes on for a long period and someone finally makes a link to Hitler or Nazism when the original topic had nothing to do with it, it is said that the law of Godwin has been reached.

During a web discussion if someone mentions anything Nazi in the thread, Godwin’s Law can be invoked, the person then loses the argument which ends the thread.

It is believed that the person who invokes nazism during an argument nolonger has valid points so to discredit is adversary, he brings in nazism which has nothing to do with the subject of argument in he first place.

This person then receives un "point Godwin" which means he has just ridiculed himself with his direction of argument and it's also a sign for others to ignore this person, that it is useless to argue with him.
So when you argue with  French person online, and you are told that you have "atteint le point Godwin", you know what it means :) Anyways, Africans hardly bring up Nazism in discussions and argument online and in real life.

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