mardi 2 septembre 2014

A picture on the website of French ministry of education sparks racist abuse

A picture of a group of pre-school children posted on the French education ministry’s Facebook page was inundated over the weekend with racist comments because most of the children in the photo are blacks.

There are comments such as :
I wish a happy return to school for all the children of Conakry”  
This picture is in France?
One fb user asked what the ministry was “trying to achieve with this picture” while another called the image “a deliberate provocation”, asking how it could be “normal to have a picture of French school children when only one of them is white?

The picture had been shared 850 times by Facebook users, many of whom responded to the racist comments with supportive words of their own such as :
The best example of everything wrong with our education system is summed up by these [racist] comments.”  
Some see colours, I just see children.”

Source : France 24

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